Monday, May 31, 2021 Adulting Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Elton will be having a discussion with his guest, Dr. Laura Jaget or Dr LJ, Creator of How To Life (howtolife.com) on the topic "Adul...

Sunday, April 18, 2021 Tell Us As It Is - Story Of How All Started

Tell Us As It Is Is Long History Of Mine When I First Launch My Entrepreneurship Journey Into Digital Marketing In 1 hr 20 minutes, you will hear the...

About Tao Of Online Business

The Tao Of Online Business is inspired by Richard Branson Quote, "Business opportunities are like buses, there's always another one coming". It also depicts my self-journey of discovering my passion for creating sustainable online business and some ideas I have come about in discovering better business model through people I met, conferences etc as my life journey sharing. Am hoping for this online business strategy would be an inspiration to entrepreneurs (be it from Western/Eastern cultures and hopefully can combine both together for betterment of the world).

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